Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow and yard work 11/18/14

Hi pals, Puffy and Mei-Ling here,

As momma and daddy feared, it snowed a few days ago at our place and the workers have yet to return to finish the yard work that they started and messed up.  Our water pipes are still exposed and with the temperatures getting colder and colder, it's only a matter of time before the pipes freeze and burst.  The boss of the workers said he hired a new employee to come out to our house last Saturday to begin the retaining wall construction but no one showed up.  When daddy called and told the boss that he was tired of all the excuses and delays, he was told they didn't come out because it snowed in Gallup so they assumed it was snowing at our place also.  We did get a light dusting of snow on Friday, but by Saturday it was nice and sunny and the snow was melting.   So here we are at Tuesday, a fine sunny day with the temperature hovering around 20 degrees but come night and early morning hours before the sun come up, it is about 4 degrees. 

The boss man insisted that he would have a crew out at our home TODAY to jackhammer out all the messed up concrete.  Now, not only will we have lots of nasty noise, but without the messed up concrete, there will be more mud as the snows come and melt (actually I enjoy the mud but can really do without all the feetsie washes).  It is 9:15AM, and we are waiting for the workers to show up.  Momma checked the weather forecast and more snow is supposed to happen on Friday...

Workers finally showed up after 10AM but weren't able to jackhammer out the messed up concrete because they didn't have a jackhammer!  They tried to a heavy hammer and chip it out but noticed concrete flying all over the place and were afraid that they were going to break momma's glass French doors so they stopped.  They also didn't bring the huge concrete saw so they weren't able to cut any of it out either.  They are supposed to come back tomorrow:the saga continues....

To go with Zoe's beautiful sunrise we thought you might like to see a colorful sunset... 

Same sunset but picture taken from a slightly different angle...
Hey Puffy, what are you doing?

Mei-Ling, do you want to try my popsicle?  It's really tasty as you have to do is lick it...

#&^@!  My tongue is stuck...
I bet all you smart pups knew that would happen, didn't you?  Don't worry it wasn't cold enough to keep her stuck too long - DARN!!!  I was enjoying some peace and quiet.
Here I am showing Mei-Ling snow.   

 Excuse me while I piddle on the construction blocks...
 This is the walkway that is supposed to be jackhammered out and re-done...
Yup, that's me piddling on some more blocks - BOL, BOL...

 Look at all our feetsies prints in the snow.  I'm checking out Mei-Ling's behind to make sure it's nice and clean - BOL, BOL
These blocks are for the retaining wall that hasn't been constructed yet...

 Mei-Ling didn't quite know what to make of the snow but after a bit decided that it tastes pretty good...
 Mei-Ling still not quite certain of what all this white stuff is.  Wait until she is made to go outside when it is actually snowing.  I think she is going to enjoy it...
 A guy can never piddle too much - BOL, BOL.


  1. Crikey ..... that sure is a beautiful sunset, aye?? BUILDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! My Dad's a builder only he's a GOOD builder. When he starts a job he finishes it. One at a time for him. None of this going from one job to another and he shows up EVERY day, rain, hail or ..... no .... not snow ... we don't get that. He says he hopes you haven't paid those shysters.
    That's a lot of piddlin', Puffy! Crikey ..... Piddlin' Puff ..... hope they don't use that as a nickname for you. When those Builder blokes come back I reckon you should piddle on them. That'd fix em up real good, aye??

    1. I think Piddlin' Puff has to be his new nickname now.

  2. Great photos of the sky. BOL I just knew your tongue was going to get stuck.

    Aroo to you,

  3. You sure tricked Mei-Ling!

    Growlmy & Pawppy would have been searching fur the local lawyer if that was our situation. Growlmy almost choked when she read about coming without the jackhammer.
    She says they are *jacka+++s* BOL!

    Good piddler you are Puffy!


  4. That is a purdy sunset! An good job Puff with the piddlin an tryin that lil trick to get Mei Ling to be quiet with her tongue froze to the pole! Bol!

    Argh! Those wurkers are idjits! Sure hope the pipes don't freeze!

  5. You need to put the Bitey Face on the builder guyz.

  6. Very nice sunset! Should I come over and school those workers for you? That is terrible!