Friday, August 22, 2014

Let me tell you all about the little terroist 08/22/14

Hi pals, Puffy here...

Let me tell you all about the little terrorist, um, I mean my new fursister Mei-Ling.  After Coco Rose passed away and momma was looking for a new Shih Tzu to add to our family, she was hoping that which ever one was picked would have similar traits such as being BOSSY, SMART, BEAUTIFUL, and LOVED BY ME. 

As you know, momma originally asked for a solid black, female Shih Tzu, but the momma pup didn't have any, instead, there was one black and white female, and one male and female puppies that were gold/brindle/white.  Momma chose the gold/brindle/white female and hoped for the best.

It has been almost two weeks since Mei-Ling has moved in and she already has the nick-name "Little Terrorist".    Ole smacky paws himself, Simba Blue runs from her.  Yes, you read that right!  He has managed to smack her once but all it did was make her run after him more - BOL, BOL.  I should add that although Simba smacked her good, she wasn't hurt.

I have to admit that the first week of her arrival was quite difficult.  She was all over me like glue and chewing on anything she could get her sharp, little teeth on.  I growled, and snapped at her "GO AWAY, I'M NOT YOUR MOMMA", but she didn't seem to care.   She followed me around, barked in my face, grabbed my ears, jumped up on my sore back, took whatever stuffie I was playing with away, climbed up in my doggy bed with me without even asking if it was okay, hogged up all the dinner, etc...  About the only time I had peace and quite was night time because Mei-Ling wasn't allowed on the bed since she was using it for a potty place.  Come night time, I slept on the bed with momma and Mei-Ling chose to sleep under the big bed even though there was a nice doggy bed BY the big bed.

So, lets fast forward to today - okay?  I am happy to report that Mei-Ling and I are getting along very well.  I still growl at her occasionally when I have to scold her about something, but on the whole, we are doing just fine.  She still sticks to me like glue, but I have to admit that she is very charming and lovable. 

 Here we are outside in the front yard.  Notice I am watching her real good to make sure she stays out of trouble.

 The things I have to put up with...Must she really climb all over me?

 I wanted to go piddle, but Mei-Ling was in the way and being a good big brother I chose not to piddle on her - BOL.

 Here we are playing - yes, I have decided she is fun...

 Well, I really could do without the ear tugs and bites...

 She is my own personal shadow...

 Where I go, she is sure to follow...

 I had to make sure she wasn't putting gravel or sticks in her mouth...

 Where is the little terrorist going now?

 OMD - this big brother stuff is tiring...

Thank goodness daddy came and rescued me by picking up Mei-Ling.
The humans are still having issues with Mei-Ling going potty where she isn't supposed to so they are now doing crate training.  Mei-Ling is allowed out of the crate to go potty, eat and play with me, but when it's bedtime, she is placed in a nice comfortable crate to sleep in until she learns to do her business on the potty pad or outside, not on the floors, rugs and bed.  If anyone has any suggestions on potty training that works, please leave momma a comment as momma wants Mei-Ling to be part of the family, not locked up in the crate....Thank you.


  1. OMD she is so stinking cute. I'm glad to hear she is settling in just fine and keep you on your toes.

    Aroo to you,

  2. She sure looks like she likes ya a lot.

    For potty training - have your humans take her out A LOT. And give her a little treat and lotsa praise for pottyin outside so hopefully she'll get da idea. Sometimes I still want praise for pottyin outside, and I are almost 12. BOL!

  3. Yu are a great big brother!
    Gosh, she is one floofly lil thing!
    We've heard to keep pups crated when the peepoles can't keep an eye on them, like Watch them Constantly. An like Whit said, take them out A Lot an tell her whut to do when she's out there.
    She'll get the hang of it. She's a smart lil grrl.

  4. Yup...same advice about that potty took about 4 days fur me to figure it out...I mean to train my peeps to take me out.

    You are a good big brudder!!

  5. Hi Puffy, this is Hobo. She is mighty cute, I can see you falling for her charm.

    BTW, has anybody heard from Zaidie lately? I'm worried because we haven's seen anything on his blog since when he was sick.

  6. I r heer, Hobo! Hab no feerz! I r gonna twy tu wite sumfing soon. I r sowwy fur bein' such a bad bwogger.

    Mei-Wing r toadawwy in wuff wif yu, Puff! I can jus' tell. Hur wuffs hur big bwofur <3 I r so gwad da 2 ob yu r geddin' awong pwetty gud.

    1. Momma is so glad you are OK. I wasn't worried but momma spends her life worrying about everything. She needs a drink or a pill.

  7. Mei-Wing r also compwetewy 'dorable!

  8. Hey Puff, are yu eatin better now with Mei-Ling around?
    Gotta keep her frum eatin Yur grub, huh?

  9. Aw I'm glad you're getting along now!!

  10. I has nominated ya for da Most Influenshal Blogger Award - ya can pick up your award here:

  11. Your little shadow is so cute! Glad you are having fun with her!

  12. You lil sisfur is too cute... and you two together... well, dat's even more adorabler!

  13. OMD! Puffy has a full time job.... Kisses, Mazy

  14. Mei-Ling is so cute!

    Our advice on potty training is to make sure as a pupster you go out VERY often. Mom uses the phrase "Hurry Up" when we were being trained as soon as we did something outside during training. Works especially well when we're being finicky and she says it now, we darn well "Hurry Up".