Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What if Mei-Ling doesn't like me? 08/05/14

Hi pals, Puffy here...

I am under a lot of pressure lately because all I hear about is how I have to set a good example for my baby fursister Mei-Ling.  Just yesterday I got in trouble twice because I piddled in places that I am not allowed to piddle at.  Momma was really, really, R E A L L Y upset when she discovered that I had piddled on the big bed after she had washed all the sheets and blankets.  I was lucky because momma has a liquid cover over the mattress so at least nothing got on it - BOL. If that wasn't enough, I also managed to piddle on one of the new rugs in the living room.  Momma had to re-wash everything and I heard her tell daddy that she is going to take me to the vet for a wee-wee check up.  Do I need to say "I can hardly wait"?  Having someone stick something down my wee-wee hose is NOT my idea of fun.

Of course momma didn't stay mad at me for too long - how could she with all my cuteness?

Yup, it was me who piddled...

This is me laughing...
Okay, enough about me, how about an update on my baby fursister Mei-Ling?  She is scheduled to be officially adopted and allowed to move in with us THIS coming Saturday!!!!  Daddy and momma are going to drive to Arizona to pick her up Saturday afternoon.
Today, the humans who are taking care of her took her to the vet for a puppy check-up and shots.  The vet says she is healthy so everything is good to go.  Do you want to see her newest picture?  Of course you do...
It's nice to see she finally got out of her food bowl - BOL, BOL

We are told that Mei-Ling likes to play.  I sure hope she will play with me...


  1. Crikey Puffy ..... how could anyone NOT like you!! Mei-Ling with love you to bits!! AND remember ..... don't you go getting all jealous and stuff!!! You two are going to be great mates. As for the peeing thing, mate. At least you didn't pee on a person or another innocent puppy dog aye??

  2. She are cute! I bet she'll play wif ya tons!

  3. Oh My! Yur first piccie up there is jus Way Too Cute!
    Hey, yur nottiness is Nuthin compared to whut Mei-Ling is gonna do. She looks purdy feisty, doesn't she?
    Yur jus gettin yur pawrents ready fur non-stop puppy-ness of cleanin, hollerin, chasin, Good job!

    Sendin good thots that yu are ok an nuthin is rong with yur pee pee 'quipment.

  4. Doing some I-Pees, huh? (Inappropriate Pee)
    I think you were trying to make sure that Mei-Ling knows whose is whose...

    Sure hope that there is nothing else about that.

    You are the cutest pup!
    Love your giggle face!

    Mei-Ling is gonna advance the cute-meter to an all time high!


  5. OMD, Puff. Ged a gwip, dood! Wook in da mirror! How cood Mei-Wing nod wike yu??? Yu r compwetewy 'dorable an' a twue gennlepup, tu. Mei_wing r gonna WUFF hur nu big bwofur tu peeces, so watch it, my fwiend -dose lil' pubby teefs can du wotza damage! BOLBOL :D

    Once Mei-Wing geds dere, yur nottiness r gonna be da weast ob yur pawents' concerns, bewiebe me!

  6. Puff, she's adorable, but you're not so bad looking yourself BOL!!!

  7. What the woof, first you've got to calm down. I know you're excited about the new arrival and that's why your having accidents. Anyone in your paws would be doing the same thing. Chill out, Mei-Ling is going to love you. I myself can't wait to see her homecoming.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Puff, you will do all right! It will take some adjusting, but things will work out OK. Mei-Ling is young and you can train her to be your most obedient servant and do whatever you ask of her, BOL! Don't worry!

  9. Oh dat Mei-Ling is a cutie!! And with your cuteness... well, there will be an overabundance of cutaposity 'round your ranchero!!

  10. Yer folks is gonna has to practice da puppy shuffle.. where ya slides yer feets along so ya don't step on da puppy! They's been haffin' to do dat 'round here wiff lil Crockett... he is alwayz underfoot!