Saturday, September 20, 2014

12 tons of river rocks 09/20/14

Hi pals, Puffy and Mei-Ling here...

We told you about the river rocks that daddy had delivered and although 12 tons sounds like a whole lot, we thought you might like to see what it actually is.

This is the pile of river rocks minus the bit that was used by the courtyard fence below... It sounds like a whole lot more than it actually is...

Those red bricks are going to be used on the tree planter and retaining wall.  Momma's not so keen on having to walk on river rocks to get into the courtyard and will probably put a paver walkway right by the gate entrance.

 Guess whose pretty little feetsies these are....

Those of you who guessed Mei-Ling are right - BOL.  I could easily blow this courtyard but momma says everything will be made "dog safe" once all the work is completed. 

Here I am in the courtyard.  The workers haven't been back in about one week and with winter approaching they better get back here soon and get the job DONE!
 The workers had leveled the courtyard and were in the process of fixing the drainage issues so we would no longer have a lake when it rained in the courtyard.  Do you see that orange flag over to the left of the picture?  That's were our tree planter is going to be.  It will be nice to have a tree in the courtyard.

Here is where we are going to have a concrete sidewalk.  Right after the walkway was formed it rained but since our dirt is hard it didn't get destroyed.  Momma will be buying some artificial grass and pavers to make a real nice area for Mei-Ling and I to do our business at.  Momma's not sure if artificial grass is the best choice for areas that get snow and ice.  She is wondering if the ice on the fake grass will hurt our feet. 


  1. Looks like it'll be real nice when it's finished up. And Mei Ling, you's just such a cutie!

  2. Stay in there Mei Ling! Don't go sniffin round on yur own!

    Yu pups still have sum great muddy paw times ahead! Yay!

    Gonna look great when it gets finished up.

  3. Mei Ling do NOT sneak out.... you could get LOST furEVER. WOW that is a big pawject and it will be SUPER once it is finished... ROCKS are HEAVY so they don't make a big pile.

  4. Boy, dat Mei Ling is such a cutie patootie!! Sounds like a great courtyard once da workmens come back and finish it up! Hmmm... don't know about da artifical grass wiff snow and ice on it... but maybe since it ain't real grass, dey could throw a tarp ovfur part of it when it snows and then pull it back when dey take ya out... or better yet, but a roof ovfur part of it since it don't need sunshine... dat's my dream, a weather proof place to do my bidness.. I hates wet grass... bol!

  5. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.

    Aroo to you,

  6. I also think it will be a wonderfur pawlace to romp in and um...well, you know.

    Hope its gets done afur the mudpie season starts in earnest.

    And no more digging out, OK??!