Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mei-Ling's big girl surgery 01/07/15

Hi pals, Puffy here...

Yesterday, my little fursister Mei-Ling had her "big girl surgery" done, a micro chip implanted, blood tests, teeth checked and who knows what else.  Momma and daddy took her to Gallup early in the morning and then stayed in town until late in the afternoon.  The vet wanted Mei-Ling to stay at the clinic overnight but momma found out that they did not have anyone at the clinic after hours, so why leave her there?  Momma told the vet that she wanted to take Mei-Ling home and that she would let her sleep in a crate so she would not be disturbed. 

Well everyone, including Mei-Ling came home late and boy was I happy to see her even though she smelled funny.  Momma did not keep her promise to the vet and instead, allowed Mei-Ling to sleep on the big bed on her favorite pillow.  I was a real good big brother and did not bother her.

It's been a lot of years since the momma and daddy have had a female pup spayed and they were surprised that the surgery isn't done the same way as it was before.  When Coco had her surgery about 8 years ago, the vet made a huge incision down her stomach.  Mei-Ling came home with one small incision off to the side of her stomach that measures about 1/2" long. 

Mei-Ling, do you have anything you want to add to this posting?



  1. Awww! Soon you'll be feeling much better and all ready to play.Mei-Ling!

    Puff will take good care of you. And your Momma and Daddy, too.

  2. Mei-Ling, rest easy and soon you'll be running and playing but make the most of your downtime, make the peeps wait on you hand and foot, and make Puff sleep next to you and keep you company.

    Aroo to you,

  3. I would give ya advice Mei Ling, but I wuz jumpin all over da place when I wasn't sposed to, so I may not be da best one for it.

  4. Good job Puff, holdin down the fort while the rest were gone to the big city!
    Take it easy Mei Ling, yu don't wanna pop open yur lil zipper place. Soon yule be good as new.

  5. WE are glad that the ..... WhoWhoEctomy is OVER fur you Mei Ling.
    Take it easy fur a few days...even though the incision is not as big as was expected...

  6. Gud werk wookin' aftur fings while yur fambly wuz goned, Puff! An' Mei-Wing?? Be a weal gud an' quiet gurl so yur lil' body can heal, 'kay?? Gud gurl!

  7. I had that operation done. I know ...... I'm a bloke ..... but I had a problem and they had to find my thingies. They were right up in my tummy instead of where they should have been. I was supposed to stay quiet for 10 days. I didn't. I was running around like a maniac from day 1. I survived but maybe you'd best tell Mei-Ling to rest for a few days, aye?? AND good on your Momma for bringing Mei-Ling home. My Mum can never understand why those Vet's keep a pup in their hospital when there's no-one there if things go wrong or even if the pup feels a bit sad. Stupid I say!! Better off at home with Momma and Dadda and the Puff, aye?? AND on the big bed!!

  8. I just lost my comments.....So in a NUTSHELL,TOO MANY MAILBOXES,FUR SITES AND BLOGS TO KEEP UP WITH. My dogatary just can't manage! We miss so many of our furpals,scattered here and there. Our HEARTS ARE STILL AT DOGSTER. So when we can play we are there. Still not retired,but working on it! Have sold alot of cattle but still have a alot here. Cold weekend 10 for high,strong north wind. Did laundry and now we are raising bread dough to bake. Gma and I spend our evenings reading. If she is on PC,she is too wound up and then can't sleep. They both are another year older and slower. I'm a little slower too! Miss you Puffy! Your baby sister is a cutie....Kiss Mom for Me! Hugs and Kisses,mazy